Yenos Analytical LLC

Welcome to Yenos Analytical, LLC

We are combining 35 year long experience in traditional separation technology, HPLC and CE, with single molecule nanopore technology for a comprehensive service of your DNA/RNA analytical needs.

We have developed a simple, efficient and selective pyrimidine tag suitable for probing interactions and characterizing nucleic acid batches.

Yenos Analytical is the recipient of a 2018 Phase I NIH/NHGRI grant entitled "Novel Nanopore- based RNA Sequencing using Nucleobase-specific Tags", a 2019 grant entitled "Profiling miRNAs using a nanopore device and two nucleobase-selective tags",  and a 2020 grant entitled "Sequencing microRNAs, with single-base discrimination, using a nanopore device and an Osmium tag”.

Yenos Analytical filed on Oct. 5, 2020 Patent applications (US and PCT) entitled "Ready-to-Use Nanopore Platform for Attomole DNA/RNA Oligo Detection Using An Osmium Tagged Complementary Probe"

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