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1) To use our MinION enabled microRNA quantification services and solutions.

2) To participate remotely in a future IRB-approved study and provide your urine sample
for microRNA evaluation.
3) To collaborate in a grant application to implement and evaluate the Yenos microRNA
test in your facilities.
4) To use our consulting services in facilitating HPLC purity evaluation of your in-house
made mRNA batches.

Why is Early Detection Important?

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All men are at risk for prostate cancer. Out of every 100 American men, about 13 will get prostate cancer during their lifetime, and about 2 to 3 men will die from it.

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About 5-10% of pancreatic cancer patients survive past five years after diagnosis, and those with stage 4 pancreatic cancer have a five-year survival rate of 1%.

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Screening mammograms miss about 1 in 8 breast cancers. After 10 yearly mammograms, the chance of having at least one false positive result is about 50%.

A person holding a test tube in their hands.
Multi-Cancer, Multi-Disease Screening

Yenos Analytical

  • Detecting any disease early reduces suffering and saves lives.
  • Other companies screen for tumor DNA in blood, but this is NOT EARLY because tumor DNA in blood exists only in the presence of tumors in the body.
  • The Yenos tests measure the levels of literature-known microRNA biomarkers in your sample and compare them to the ones from healthy or diseased/cancer patients.
  • Yenos tests can be equally well performed using blood or urine.
  • The Yenos urine tests are Direct-to-Consumer, and no doctor's prescription is required.
How It Works

Yenos Analytical

  • Complete online registration
  • Receive the Yenos kit via FedEx within two weeks
  • Mail back the kit with your urine sample by FedEx (shipping included)
  • Provide biannual updates on your health status for three years.
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