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Yenos Analytical

Our mission is to develop accurate and reliable early cancer/disease screening tests and urge insurers to include them in regular adult check-ups.

Yenos in Greek means birthing, family, and/or origin. In English, it is erroneously referred to as Genos. In 1909, Danish botanist Wilhelm Johannsen coined the word gene to describe the Mendelian units of heredity.

We are led by a retired Professor from the University of California at Santa Cruz, CA. She is an inventor, NASA, and NIH grantee with extensive pharmaceutical and biotechnology experience in assay development (Dr. Anastassia Kanavarioti).

We are delivering custom analytical solutions for native, synthetic, or transcribed nucleic acids (see Kanavarioti, A. HPLC methods for purity evaluation of man-made single-stranded RNAs. Sci Rep 9, 1019 (2019).

We have also developed and validated a process to add heavy labels on DNA or RNA and use these modified nucleic acids in conjunction with nanopore-array single-molecule detection. Currently we are using the MinION device from Oxford Nanopore Technologies. This project led to the accurate quantification of nucleic acids, including microRNAs. Awarded US Patents: Nanopore platform for DNA/RNA oligo detection using an osmium tagged complementary probe, Patent No: US 11,111,527 B1, issued 9-7-2021 and US 11,427,859, issued 9-30-2022, Osmium Tagged Probes for Nucleic Acid Detection, US 11,884,968, issued 01-30-2024; international patents filed in 2023.

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Our nanopore-based microRNA diagnostic test